Conversation with Aaron Wong by Henley Spiers

In the latest in the series, I talk with Aaron Wong, a commercial photographer from Singapore and highly renowned underwater photographer. What fascinated me most about Aaron’s story is his unfamiliar path into the underwater genre. Unlike most of us, who start out as keen divers and then progress into underwater imagery, Aaron had a strong background within professional studio photography before he even went diving or picked up an underwater housing. As such, he brings a meticulous approach to the use of light in his images which has inspired me to get more creative and deliberate with my strobes. The portfolio showcased here comprises underwater photos falling under the natural history and fashion genres, my personal interest lies firmly within the former but I was pleasantly surprised to find that even the pool shots elicited a strong impact on me.

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Conversation with Christian Vizl by Henley Spiers

I’ve just come back from an absolutely incredible trip to Baja Mexico where the marine life was bountiful and I had the privilege of shooting alongside one of my favourite underwater photographers: Christian Vizl. He has an extremely distinctive style of (mostly) black and white photography and, to me, is the finest proponent of underwater imagery as art on the scene today. Over the time we spent together we had a some transformative discussions which have materially benefitted my own underwater photography and, on the last day of the trip, we sat down for this interview which I hope will serve as inspiration for some of you other underwater shooters out there.

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